10 Important Properties and Advantages
 • high quality synthetic elastomer (EPDM based ) with complete closed-cell structure
 • excellent UV resistance.
 • CFC-free and PVC-free product.
 • high weather and ozone resistance.
 • up to 175ºC (347º F) operating temperature.
 • remains flexible in -40º C conditions.
 • lambda value (AR) 0.040 at +40ºC
 • self-extinguishing, no fireball drops, limited flame spread.
 • no copper and stain less steel corrosion (DIN 1988/part 7.)
 • < 5 ppb nitrosamine con tent.
Aeroflex-SSH is a new. flexible high-temperature insulation material which is applicable in the fields of sanitary, solar and heating. Aeroflex-SSH has excellent UV and weather resistant properties. Aeroflex-SSH is CFC and PVC free. Aeroflex-SSH remains flexible at temperature as low as -40º C. This property is important to make installation work fast and easy. This fact is an advantage that most users should not overlook. Aeroflex-SSH is self-extinguishing, does not release fireball drops and does not spread f ire. The inner surface of Aeroflex-SSH tube is covered by talc powder which makes the installation work much easier. Aeroflex-SSH is also available with slit lengthwise together with self-adhesive tape and protape.